Editing the Genome to Cure Genetic Disease

Casebia combines CRISPR/Cas9 expertise and technology from CRISPR Therapeutics with access to deep disease-state knowledge and protein engineering capabilities from Bayer. Our aim: to transform the lives of patients and families affected by genetic disease.

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We are so grateful to be a part of the #Cambridge community. Thank you to @KendallNow for hosting the #ksqchallenge! It was great to take advantage of the opportunity to engage in some friendly competition and do some good for our community. Can’t wait for next year!

Members of our #Cambridge team are out in force for today's @KendallNow #KSqChallenge! Here's a photo of our two teams - Casebia Cares and Casebia Conquers - getting ready to volunteer on a beautiful spring day. #KendallTogether

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